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Types of Bets, Markets, and Sports on Official Online Football Betting Agents

The list of bets and types of sports you can play on an official football betting website is crucial for bettors. With a wide range of options, bettors have a greater chance of winning. Bettors can also take advantage by placing bets on the same game with different odds. This is why the variety of bets with different odds is crucial for bettors. Below are the types of bets provided by the best online football agents, known as the most trusted football betting site in Indonesia:

  1. Mix Parlay:
    • Betting on multiple match outcomes, with a minimum of two matches. To win the bet, all selected matches must win; if any lose, the entire bet is considered lost.
  2. Asian Handicap:
    • Asian Handicap is the most popular type of bet in Indonesia. In this bet, the favored team gives a handicap to the underdog. For example, if the favored team gives a -0.75 handicap against the underdog, and the match ends 1-0 in favor of the favored team, the bettor wins 50% of the wager. The calculation is 1 (the number of goals scored by the favored team) minus 0.75 (the handicap), resulting in 0.25.
  3. 1×2 Market:
    • 1 stands for the home team, X for a draw, and 2 for the away team. For example, in a match between Manchester United and Chelsea, betting on 1 means betting on Manchester United to win, X means betting on a draw, and 2 means betting on Chelsea to win.
  4. Over/Under:
    • Over/Under, also known as O/U, involves betting on the total points or goals scored in a game, such as total goals, points, corner kicks, penalties, and more. For example, if the O/U is set at 2.5 and the match ends 1-1, the total is 2, and bettors who placed “Under” win.
  5. Odd/Even:
    • Betting on whether the total points or goals scored in a game will be an odd or even number. Odd numbers include 1, 3, 5, and so on, while even numbers include 0, 2, 4, and so on.
  6. HT/FT (Half Time/Full Time):
    • Betting on both the halftime and full-time results of a match. For example, if the halftime score is 1-0 and the match ends 1-1, the result is HT home team (1) / FT draw (X).
  7. Draw No Bet:
    • Betting on either the home team (1) or the away team (2) to win. If the match ends in a draw (X), all bets are refunded.
  8. Double Chance:
    • Betting on two possible outcomes in a single match: home team win (1) or draw (X), home team win (1) or away team win (2), or draw (X) or away team win (2).

This list covers some of the most common types of bets, but there are many more available on trusted football betting sites. For detailed explanations, you can refer to the respective official gambling websites.

The most popular sports frequently bet on by bettors on comprehensive online gambling agents include:

  • Football: FIFA World Cup 2022, English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and more, including Indonesian leagues.
  • Basketball: NBA, WNBA, College Basketball (NCAA), and others.
  • Baseball: MLB, Japanese Baseball League, and more.
  • American Football: NFL, College Football, and others.
  • Ice Hockey: NHL.
  • Badminton.

Nearly all sports can be bet on at our trusted football betting site, offering a wide array of options for bettors to enjoy.

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